Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness is like a muscle that you build over time. And practice helps build your ability to be in the present moment and focus only on one thing. There are so many different ways to practice mindfulness.

Now let’s practice finding your wise mind (take 10-15 seconds between each step):
  1. Pick up a piece of wrapped chocolate
  2. Place it in your hand and notice the colors and shapes.
  3. Now slowly open the wrapper and listen for the sounds of the wrapper tearing.
  4. Raise the chocolate to your nose and smell it. Is your mouth watering? Does the smell trigger anything else in your body? Are you having any thoughts?
  5. Now slowly take a bite of the chocolate, but do not chew or swallow it.
  6. Notice the taste and sensations of the chocolate on your tongue. Move it around in your mouth.
  7. Swallow the chocolate when you are ready and notice what that experience is like.
What did you notice? What did you observe in your body? How was your experience different than how you might normally eat a piece of chocolate?

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Mindfulness, in DBT, is focusing on one and only one thing while intentionally paying attention to what is happening right now, without judgment.

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Wise Mind

Wise Mind refers to a state of being where you are balancing both logic and emotions which increases the ability to make effective decisions.

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